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6 Weeks


Our Bootcamps are designed to challenge you while also making sure you're moving properly. Small group settings to make sure you see the results you want, but also to make sure you're not getting injured. We saw so many camps just push people through and not care about their bodies and we wanted to make a change. We offer a variety of foundations, cardio and strength camps to help you level up

  • Small group bootcamps 4-6 people max

  • Focused on form and technique but also challenging

  • Welcome for beginner, intermediate or advanced camp dependent

  • Located in private studio downtown Sarnia

FitStrategy is life changing! Such a well-rounded program with amazing trainers. The program is designed specifically for each person, their body and their lifestyle. Trainers hear you out, your concerns, your likes and dislikes about everything (fitness, exercises, foods, etc). They literally make you enjoy paying attention to your health and motivate you to achieve your goals and sustain them long term. Top notch program that I 1000/10 recommend! Thank you so very much for all you do ladies of FitStrategy!

HEBA, Ontario, Canada

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